Toni and Paul are a husband and wife duo who have a passion for health and fitness and a desire to help as many people as they can on their journey to better well being.

Paul comes with over 12 years’ experience in soft tissue therapy and has worked with numerous elite athletes over this time.  His knowledge on the internals of the human body, movement and recovery combined with his desire to learn as much as he can both physically and mentally is part of his reasoning for wanting to be able to bring body compositions to as many people as he can.

Toni brings over 6 years’ experience as a personal trainer and a background in Muay Thai.  Her passion for fitness and wanting to help as many people to reach their health and fitness goals is her driving force behind wanting to inform people on what is actually going on inside their bodies and not just focusing on a singular number on a scale.

Both Toni and Paul compete yearly in the Perth Trail Series, have raced triathlons and like to keep themselves as active as possible with the belief on healthy body, healthy mind.